Red Storm Rising After Action Report

Mission #3

"Bastion Gambit"

Part 2 of 2

The Delta IV has submerged after departing Gremikha submarine base. Our job is to follow her and discover where the Soviet SSBNs are hiding.

Our TMA operator reports Sierra-2 (the Delta IV, although we don't have a positive ID yet) has changed course to the east.

This is the situation on the nav map. Master-1, a Grisha frigate, is south of us and heading in our direction. Sierra-2, a possible Delta-IV SSBN, is on course ENE.

Finally, we get enough lines on narrowband sonar to positively classifiy Sierra-2 as a Delta IV. The only other possibility was a Chinese Xia sub, unlikely here.

We also get a positive ID on Master-1, although we already knew from ESM that she is a Grisha.

The Delta heads east, while the Grisha continues in our direction.

The Grisha is starting to get too close for comfort. If we don't do something soon, she'll be able to detect us with her active sonar.

As we turn northeast to avoid the Grisha, sonar reports two new contacts to the east, pinging with active sonar. We presume these are more warships.

In fact, they are two more Grishas. The Russkies must be churning these little guys out like sausages!

This is what happens if you don't pay attention. When Springfield turned to the north (to avoid the Grisha), she entered shallower water and her towed-array
began to drag the bottom. When this happens, there are three options: 1) Reduce depth, 2) Speed up, and 3) Retrieve (shorten) the towed-array. I chose a
combination of the first two.

After getting the towed array off the bottom, and regaining contact with the Delta IV, our TMA operator reports that she has turned to the south.

Here is the situation on the nav plot. We've left Master-1 (the first Grisha) behind us. Master-2 (the Delta IV) has turned to the south, as have the two other Grishas.
It looks like the Delta is headed for the White Sea. If we are going to follow, we must enter the contested zone. It would really upset the Soviets to discover us there,
so we'll have to be extra careful not to be found.

We've turned southeast to follow the boomer.

Sonar reports a new contact on narrowband. It could be a fishing boat, or it could be something less benign.

A quick TMA leg puts the new contact far to the south.

The new arrival is a minesweeper. Where there are minesweepers, there must be mines.

On making rendezvous with the minesweeper, the Delta IV surfaces. Our sonar operator reports hearing her blow ballast tanks.

There's definitely something fishy going on. We'll sneak in closer to try and find out what's happening. Our navigator reports entering the contested zone.

The Delta IV, with the minesweeper as escort, heads south.

This is why the minesweeper is here. The Soviets have laid a barrier of influence mines across the channel.

It would ruin your day to get too close to one of these puppies.

With help from the minesweeper, the Delta IV successfully clears the minefield.

It's time we report in what we've learned. The Soviets are using the White Sea as a bastion for their SSBNs. There are numerous warships guarding the entrance
to the White Sea, as well as a suspected minefield in the channel. It's a good thing we didn't follow that boomer too closely!

Headquarters has new orders for us. It's time to get out of here.

Mission Accomplished!