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Updated 16 June 2007

General Downloads and Tutorials:

Robert Moloney's Reference Docs for Dangerous Waters:
Platform and Weapon Spreadsheet (xls file)
Quick Reference Sheets for Seawolf, 688I, FFG and P-3C (pdf file)
FFG Towed Array Depth vs. Speed/Length Graphs (pdf file)

TMA - An Accurate Solution
A video tutorial by Allen Schrader (6.7 MBytes)

Kapitan's Russian Sub Guide 06 (7.9 MByte)

Kapitan's Guide to Under-ice Ops (rtf file)

Palindromeria's Compilation of Non-playable Sub Data

OneShot's P-3C "Orion" Dangerous Waters OWTOP Version 1.3
(Orion Warrior Training and Operating Procedures)

MaHuJa's tactics guide for the FFG-7

Bellman's Sonar Visual Aid Kit

Introduction to Target Motion Analysis
(will open in a separate webpage)

Target Motion Analysis and Passive Localization
(Link to online version of U.S. Navy pub)

TopTorp's Target Motion Analysis (TMA) Guide

TimmyG00's Tactical Manual

Seawolves 'Blue Book' of Tactics

Sonalysts' Patches and Downloads

SCSoundEdit Utility
Version 1.02. For extracting, adding, and replacing sounds in the
sfx.agg files in Dangerous Waters and Sub Command

CmpUtil and Decompress file utilities
For extracting and replacing sounds in the
Dangerous Waters .grp graphics files

Dangerous Waters Downloads:

Landlubbers Survival Guide for Dangerous Waters, v0.6
by Smaragdadler

Dangerous Waters Patch v1.04

LuftWolf and Amizaur's Weapons and Sensors Realism Mod (LWAMI) Version 3.08


Full package weighing about 17MB inside a nice and easy to use installer.
incl. New Models from v3.05
incl. Kegety's Font & Texture Mod
Selectable Splash Screens (Plain LwAmi, P3, SSN, FFG, All Platforms)
Latest JSGME Tool
and of course the new LwAmi Database and Doctrines v3.08


LoBlo's Broadband Audio Enhancement Mod (24 MByte)

LoBlo's Reduced Interface Volume Mod (81 MByte)


Finiteless's Ambient Sound Mod

Detailed stereo ambient sound mod for SCS Dangerous Waters.
Designed for all platforms in DW, and works in conjunction with the DW music.
To alter the volume level of the installed mod adjust the 'Music' slider within DW's options.

DW_AMBIENT_SOUND_MOD_Normal.rar (30 meg)
DW_AMBIENT_SOUND_MOD_High.rar (30 meg)
DW_AMBIENT_SOUND_MOD_eHigh.rar (30 meg)

More of Finiteless's Dangerous Waters Sound Mods!


Audio/SFX (26 meg)
Interfaces/SSN21 (17 meg)
Interfaces/688I (17 meg)
Interfaces/AkulaII (22 meg)
Interfaces/FFG (11 meg)
Interfaces/MH60 (3 meg)
Interfaces/P3 (6 meg)

1. Download the .rar files
2. Expand file contents with a rar archive extractor
(each contain 1 x sfx.agg file and a readme file)
Read the readme and place the sfx.agg in the folder stated
(Backup your original sfx.agg!)


-Blackmuzzle's Realism Sound Mod (12 MByte)
Includes sounds recorded from real-world submarines
You need SCSoundEdit to modify the sfx.agg files of the game and the submarines.
It's highly recommended to use these files together with Finiteless' sound mods (below).

Note: You can download the full, 147 MByte (!) ready-to-use sound package here.
It merges Blackmuzzle's Realism Sound mod with Finitless' soundpack.
Just download and extract over your old files, no tools needed.


Crazy Ivan's Russian Voices Mod (15 MByte)
Note: Requires the SCSoundEdit utility (see above)

TLAM Strikes's better "Death Sounds"
Requires use of SCSoundEdit v1.02 (above)

Negr's Russian Instrument Panels for the Akula (14 MByte)

Negr's Russian Instrument Panels for the Kilo (15 MByte)

-Subguru's "Toned-down Stars" more realistic night sky mod

Before ------------------------------------------------------------After




XabbaRus's "Xmodels" Sub & Skins Mod (5 MByte)
Improved models & paint jobs for your favorite Dangerous Waters subs!
(Includes Sonalyst's Sound vs Speed Database Fix)
NOTE: If you have installed the LWAMI mod, you don't need this

Kegetys' Dangerous Waters Mods
MH-60 Sonobuoy Channel mod, Smaller Fonts mod, and Misc. Textures mod
Note: The Sonobuoy Channel mod replaces one of DW's DLL files. Swapping out
DLLs is not supported
by Sonalysts and may prevent multiplayer from functioning.
Use at your own risk!
NOTE: If you have installed the LWAMI mod, you don't need the smaller fonts and textures mods

JSteed's Database Editor "Add a Navy" Tutorial
(Right-click to save)

JSteed's Database Editor for Dangerous Waters

DWEdit, Ludger's Dangerous Waters database editor
UPDATED to support Dangerous Waters v1.04

Robert Maloney's Complete Data Reference for Dangerous Waters
(Excel Spreadsheet, right-click to save)

Heinrich Liebe's Sound-Profile Utility
Search the DW database by country, class, specific frequencies, units, tpk, you name it.

Xnonix's Searchable Sonar Profiles Tool
(This is actually a link to the tool, not a download)

Sonalysts Sound vs. Speed Database Fix
Finiteless's Realism Database for Dangerous Waters v1.01
(Includes Sonalyst's Sound vs Speed Database Fix)
(Not compatible with XabbaRus's "Xmodels" mod)

JoGary's Stallion missile range correction table

Playable Submarines Weapons Tables

Dangerous Waters Voice Command Reference

Quick Mission Regions Pack, by Sonalysts

Here's what is included:

Just extract these into your /Scenario directory

New sounds for Mission Designers
General Quarters & Diving Alarm

Laglos's Dangerous Waters Cavitation Profile
(Links to a webpage. Right-click to save)

Dangerous Waters IRC Game Finder Script v2.0
by Arsenide and Thorsten "OneShot" Bergmann

Corrected Helicopter dipping-sonar doctrine file (HeloDipping.txt)

Note: Although the above file fixes problems with how AI-helicopters use their dipping sonar, it can also interfere with the player's control of his helo when playing as a FFG-7. If you intend to use this file, keep a copy of the original just in case! Hopefully, Sonalysts will give us an official, updated file soon.

Fixed version of the DW campaign mission, 'Strait of Malacca'

DW Sonar Profiles, by Jsteed

Mission Editor Sounds List

Dangerous Waters Hotkey List

Sub Command Downloads:

Official Sub Command Patches

Clive Bradbury's playable Ohio-class SSBN mod
Complete with launchable nuclear missiles!

The playable Ohio is based on the stock 688i platform and involves considerable
changes to the 'database' files in order to provide the correct speeds, crush depth,
sonar suite, and weapons. Please follow the installation instructions very carefully.

What it is - SCX is a community-created mod for Sub Command. It adds new subs, ships, aircraft, weapons and sensors, as well as 'tweaking' the originals for added realism. SCU (Sub Changer Utility) is an add-on to SCX II that allows the player to control other sub classes in addition to the 'stock' Los Angeles, Seawolf and Akula subs.

SCX/SCU (Simple Installer Version)
(42 MBytes)

This installer combines the SCX II and SCX IIc update packages as well as the ESM Fix so you don't need to install any of them again. Furthermore all changes for the SCU are done as well, so all you have to do is select your Submarine of choice (don't try to use the InstallPlayableSub.exe - you don't have to). Same goes for the batch files which are still in some of the directories ... simply ignore them. The only optional thing you can do is use the SC SoundEdit Tool (which is included in this installer) and add the buoy sound which is mentioned in one of the ReadMe's.

After installing the SCX Package there is no going back to stock Sub Command unless you deinstall and install it again. There is no JSGME Tool or other such thing included in this installer.

Big Thanks to the SCX Team - you guys did a great job. I just put a new wrapping on the gift package.

Thorsten "OneShot" Bergmann


LiquidFuse's Hyperacoustics Realism Sound Pac

(Note: The Hyperacoustics Realism Pack is currently not SCX-compatible)