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Updated 10 March 2007

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Scenarios for SCX II

Note: Some of these missions also require SCU.

Three Russian mini-Campaigns, By Crazy Ivan

  2P- Multi This is a mission designed to be played in a 1 vs. 1 or a 1 vs. AI Situation. It features random start locations, and randomly generated civilian traffic. It has a high replay value.
3 Missions by xgmx The Deep Blue, Allies vs Soviets vs Insurgents, and Pakistani Warlords
  Alfa Incident  An encounter with Russia's fastest submarine.
Periscope Depth
  Akula ASW A randomized mission for the Akula (or a sub of your choice). Battle against up to 4 other western submarines picked at random. Good for when you have some time to kill.
TLAM Strike
  Take a Trafalgar for a drive in the Eastern Med. Action guaranteed! (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
Nefarious Koel
  Atlantic Freeze A series of six missions that puts you in command of a U.S. submarine during a major conflict with Russia. It focuses on ASW and ASUW in the GIUK Gap.
L. Robinson
  Australia to the Rescue Two missions by TLAM Strike: Welcome Party and Golden Opportunity. Take command of HMAS Collins and fight India.(NOTE: Requires SCU.)
TLAM Strike
  My fourth, and final (?), scenario based on Robin White's novel, "Typhoon".
  BalticBattle A short randomized mission for all those sub hunters out there - engage and hunt more or less the whole russion sub fleet - different locations, different subs each time you start the mission. Created for those (like me) who likes to play a quick mission in between family business ...
  BalticBattle-Akula Like Baltic Battle (above), but for the Akula. Fight the entire US submarine service from Thresher to Virginia!
  Basrah Angels A Special Warfare Operation during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Martin Gillen
  The Bear and the Dragon Based on a situation in Tom Clancy's novel of the same name.
  Bear Trials Gather intelligence on a new Russian sub.
  China Egress Take control of a PLAN Kilo trying to avoid enemy patrols. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
TLAM Strike

A simple "Cold War" scenario designed to highlight some of the the 'new' Russian subs in SCX II.

  Crazy Ivan's Mission Pack

Eleven Sub Command missions from Russia!

Crazy Ivan
  Cruel Seas This mission puts you as the Captain of a Los-Angeles Flt. I Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine. Your mission is to Locate, Track and Trail any Soviet Ballistic Missile Submarines Patrolling off the U.S. Coast. This mission was inspired by the book "Hostile Waters" by Peter Huchthausen, Igor Kurdin and R. Alan White. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
  Diamonds are Forever Redshift's dynamic Sub Command campaign for the Akula.
  Die Russen Kommen! A lone German Type 206 sub in the Baltic faces an entire Soviet invasion fleet. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
  Dynamic Breakout A dynamic mission for the Victor I sub. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
TLAM Strike
A SPECOPS in North Korean waters to recon a newly spotted submarine base. (Note: A 10 MByte download that includes numerous custom .wav files, )
Steve Mercer
  Participate in a joint US-Indian naval exercise in the Arabian Sea.
  First Salvo Take command of the Sturgeon-class submarine USS Sunfish (SSN 649), on patrol in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
  Gibraltar Outrage Spain is invading Gibraltar. Take HMS Trenchant to the straits and stop them! (NOTE: Requires SCU).
  Harbour Exit Depart from the Severomosk submarine base in your Typhoon-class SSBN and progress to the open sea. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
Patrick Lacombe
Holding Out HMS Unseen attacks a Russian carrier group transiting the G.I.UK Gap. (For SCU)
TLAM Strike
  This is a theoretical war set in the near future. Indonesia wishes to invade East Timor to claim back what they think is theirs. The only problem is that Australia recognises East Timor's sovereignty, so Indonesia decides to take out Australia's first response: Darwin. Take control of the Collins Class Sub "Waller", and greet them at the border. (NOTE: Requires SCU).
  Interdiction Near P'eng-hu Tao Take command of a Chinese Kilo and sink Taiwainse warships. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
TLAM Strike
  Interdiction Near P'eng-hu Tao - Han Take command of a Chinese Han and sink Taiwanese warships. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
TLAM Strike
  Track and observe an Oscar II missile launch test.
  Kennebec's 4-Pack Triad (Russia/Iran/China) Aggression against South Africa.
  Command a Soviet Alfa sub during wartime. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
Nefarious Koel
  Leave to Return Three very interesting missions by Mad Ivan.
Mad Ivan
  Mugabe Command HMS Trenchant in missile strikes against Mozambique. (NOTE: Requires SCU).
  New Cold War 5-Pack Five missions built specifically for SCX 1.2, by Bill 'OdiN' Seifried.
  Conduct a TLAM strike against North Korea.
TLAM Strike
  Not Heard or Touched This mission is set in 1976 Cold War. You, a Sturgeon class submarine are tasked with trailing the next Russian submarine to leave port. This is not a shooting mission, but a track without being attacked mission. (NOTE: Requires SCU).
  Okinawa Threat Detect, classify, and track a Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Surface Action Group in the Japanese Economic Exclusion Zone.
Sea Deamon
  Operation Aegean Thunder A very large mission for the Akula I Improved. The mission is very complex so there is bound to be a few so report any bugs to TLAM Strike.
TLAM Strike
  Operation Icarus 1 Training mission - exercise standard navigation, system and emergency procedures.
Harald 555
  Operation Icarus 2 Russia needs help against attacks from rebels.
Harald 555
  Operation Icarus 3 Protect a US aircraft carrier as it conducts ops against Russian rebels.
Harald 555
  Pax Brittanica Four missions for the Trafalgar-class sub HMS Trenchant: Kill Mugabe; Turk Terror; Return of the Mahdi; and Gibraltar Outrage. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
  Perejil's Dream On July 11, 2002 the Morrocan Armed Forces seized Perejil Island. Spain re-took the small island using airborne special forces. How did they achieve success?
  Red Ambush 1960s Hypothetical mission for the Russian November SSN. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
TLAM Strike
  Red Intercept Attack a NATO CVBG with a Alfa SSN. (NOTE: Requires SCU).
TLAM Strike
  Red Storm Rising First two missions, Torpedo Drills and The Bastion Gambit, of a campaign based on Tom Clancy's novel, "Red Storm Rising". (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
  Red Strike A SCU Mission for the November SSN. Attack a NATO carrier group. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
TLAM Strike
  Red Wave Your SSN (Sturgeon Class) must interdict all Russian submarines moving thou the Denmark Strait. A total of seven groups will be created over the course of the mission. You must sink each one, if you can... (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
TLAM Strike
  Return of the Mahdi HMS Trenchant conducts TLAM strikes against rebel strongholds in Sudan. (NOTE: Requires SCU)
  Russian Swarm The third mission in Bandit's Red Storm Rising campaign. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
  SAA Mission Pack A hypothetical campaign involving the South American Alliance.
TLAM Strike
  Short of Land A standalone mission involving a Chinese Akula.
TLAM Strike
  Sicilian Wedding

A campaign-length mission in the Mediterranean Sea. Play an OPFOR submarine during annual fleet exercises.

  Sicilian Divorce Monitor a NATO exercise in the Mediterranean Sea. My companion scenario to "Sicilian Wedding".
  Sierra Missions (Part One) Two SCXIIc Missions for the Sierra II. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
TLAM Strike
  Slaying Dragons Chinese agents have somehow gained control of USS Connecticut, and are using her to hunt down U.S. SSBNs in the Pacific.
  Small Victories Take command a Sturgeon 1985 class SSN on a secret salvage op for the USAF. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
TLAM Strike
  Small Victories II Command USS Dallas (SSN 700) while it is assigned to a secret salvage op for the USAF. (The second in a series of Stargate SG-1 inspired missions.) (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
TLAM Strike
  South African Trade Wars Four missions involving unfriendly Russian and Chinese naval activity near South Africa.
Eric Fox
  SpecOp 02171 Collect intel data on a new Russian SSN.
Eric Fox
  Spook's SSN Missions Two missions based on the Tom Clancy book, "SSN".
  SSN Missions Eight missions based on Tom Clancy's book, 'SSN'.
Salmo and Red Rabbit
  Sturgeon Campaign This is the default SSN-688I campaign, but instead of playing as the USS Cheyenne (SSN-773) you play as the Sturgeon-class sub, USS Tautog (SSN-639). (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
Justin Price
  SUBLANT Mission Pack Four missions from Deep Simulations.
  Super Escort II A 'stock' Sub Command mission modified for SCX.
  Surgical Strike II A 'stock' Sub Command mission modified for SCX.
  Terroristic Threats Hunt an Oscar II sub leaving the Med.
Sonarman 1019
  TLAMs Missile Crisis A SCU Mission based on the Cuban Missile Crisis for the Permit1970. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
TLAM Strike
  Turk Terror Command HMS Trenchant and destroy Turkish surface ships before they can launch TLAM strikes against Greece. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
  Two scenarios, "Belling the Cat" and "Ambush", based on Robin White's new novel, "Typhoon".
  Typhoon Last Patrol Interdict a rebel Soviet boomer.
Mad Ivan
  Typhoon Patrol Comrade Captain you have been selected to command the next deterrent patrol of the ballistic missile submarine Arkhangelsk. A full campaign with sound files. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
TLAM Strike
  Unrest in Aceh A SPECOPS mission for the Akula off the northern tip of Sumatra, Indonesia.
  Upholder Hold-up A UK Upholder-class diesel boat encounters a Soviet ASW patrol. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
  Vengence Avenge the sinking of the aircraft carrier USS Thomas Jefferson by destroying a rogue Kilo submarine. This scenario is based on the concluding battle of Patrick Robinson's novel, "Nimitz Class".
  Depart San Diego Subbase for routine exercises. A good beginner's scenario.
  Whaler Slayer The Politburo has approved hostile actions against New Zealand and Japan, as long as blame cannot be traced to Russia. You are ordered to sink the Japanese Whaling Convoy and its escorting New Zealand frigate. A Sub Command custom mission for the Victor-III. (NOTE: Requires SCU.)
  Wrangel Trough Think you sank the Typhoon sub Severtstal in "Ambush"? Think again! Severtstal's CO has somehow out-foxed you, but you get another chance to put him on the bottom. This is the third scenario in a series based on Robin White's new novel, "Typhoon".

Sub Command's Akula Campaign (Revised for SCX IIc)
By NefariousKoel

Royal Navy Perisher Campaign
By Clive Bradbury

Operation Scarabei

A Sub Command Campaign from Russia, by Crazy Ivan


Three Russian mini-Campaigns, By Crazy Ivan

Kilo Option

SubGuru's mini-campaign for SCX II and SCU, based on the novel
Kilo Option, by Sean Flannery.

Get it HERE

(Note: Using SCU, select '688 VLS' as playable)

Operation Rough Seas

A Sub Command campaign for SCX II, by Captain X.

Get it HERE

RED STEAMROLLER - A Cold War campaign for SCU

by Paul Parisi (a.k.a. the Space Cowboy)

(Note: Shows as "Cold Deep" in list of campaigns.)

Get it HERE

Operation White Star Dynamic Campaign

An Sub Command campaign for SCX II, based on the novel
Typhoon, by Mark Joseph.

Get Operation White Star

Silent Dolphins Dynamic Campaign

An eight-mission Sub Command/SCX II campaign based on the novel
Silent Service - Los Angeles Class, by H. Jay Riker.

Get Silent Dolphins

My Other Scenarios

(Do not require SCX)

  Scenario Description  
  Bear Trilogy Three missions based on the Kursk submarine disaster.  
  Blue Dragon A tough mission in the Taiwan Strait based on H. Jay Riker's novel, "Silent Service - Seawolf Class"  
  Chinese Takeout Observe a Chinese missile launch. (My first SC mission!)  
  Kilo Class Trilogy Three missions based on Patrick Robinson's novel, "Kilo Class"  
  Taskforce Varuna Monitor opening moves in a hypothetical India-Pakistan conflict.   


Scenarios by Other Designers

(Do not require SCX)

  Scenario Description Author  
  688i Training Missions Training missions from Jane's 688i H/K imported and altered to work properly in SubCommand XabbaRus  
  Akula Training Mission #1

Akula Training Mission #1 (SCX Version)

This training mission will give insight to the uses and limitations of the Akula's sonar. It incorporates concepts of detection, identification, classification, speed determination and sonar limitations. Very useful to a beginner or intermediate player, especially since there were no Akula training missions with the original release. Voice support is included but will have to be downloaded seperately. The voice support has been devided into four parts for convienance to individuals with slower connections. All four parts are needed and should be download if you plan to use the voice support. 

Documentation (MS Word format)
Voice Support Part 1 [5.2 MB]
Voice Support Part 2 [4.6 MB]
Voice Support Part 3 [2.7 MB]
Voice Support Part 4 [3.0 MB]

Eric Fox  
  Against All Odds Interdict the Kurzentsov Battle Group. Unknown  
  Albany Campaign  USS Albany Mini-Campaign. L.Robinson  
  ANWAR The Chinese are conducting eco-terrorism off the coast of Alaska. You and the USS Toledo must stop them. Try not to kill any king crabs.  Jeff Pattison  
  Atlantic Exit Escort USS Nimitz through the Straits of Gibralter. XabbaRus  
  Baron Max's Five Pack Five missions by Baron Max. Baron Max  
  Carrier Duty A 2-Player Co-op mission, with diffrent versions for the Seawolf, LA Class, and Akula. It puts you and a ally against a CVBG, along with a random number of escorting subs. Chris Browne  
  Cat and Mice Command an Indian Akula-I in a hypothetical India-Pakistan conflict. Oleg Mastruko  
  Channel Hunt A Royal Navy frigate is tasked to intercept a vessel bound for London, suspected of carrying 'terrorist material linked to Osama Bin Laden, possibly chemical agents.. Sink the vessel before the British get to her. Te Kaha  
  Chasing the Dragon Two missions involving drug interdiction. XabbaRus  
  Coco Loco (688 I version) Investigate Chinese installations on Great Coco Island in the Bay of Bengal. Oleg Mastruko  
  Coco Loco (Akula version)  
  Convoy Chaos Attack a US convoy bound for Europe with troops and material for NATO XabbaRus  
  Three missions based on the book Danger's Hour by James Francis: 1) the tracking of the new Russian submarine, 2) the collision between the RFS Gepard and USS Tulsa (USS Tucson in the game), and 3) the DSRV rescue.
TLAM Strike
  Duel ASUW Training. Somewhere to the west lurks as many as two DDs gunning for you. Your task is to locate and destroy them. Use this opportunity to practice Sonar search, identification, TMA and torpedo attacks. Try to avoid using missile weapons to engage the DDs.  Michael Andress  
  Enduring Freedom Kill Osama bin Laden as he flees the Middle East. CaptainX  
  Falklands Campaign Kick Argentina out of the Falklands XabbaRus  
  Formerly Formosa Conduct reconnaissance on Chinese naval exercises. TimmyG  
  Galveston Gambit Locate and sink an enemy SSGN in the Gulf of Mexico. Eric Fox  
  Hunt for Red October Two missions following Tom Clancy's book and film "The Hunt for Red October." Unknown  
  Lone Wolf Locate and Destroy HMS Liverpool. Ice  
  Mind the Ice(bergs) An under the ice 'boomer' hunt.
  Nimitz Choke Point 1 The Nimitz Battle Group has been attacked in the South China Sea by combined Chinese and Russian forces. The two missions use the same objectives but different locations. Two US boats and multiple Russian boats to chose from. Intended for 2 vs 2 but can be played single payer from the Russian side. Eric Fox  
  Nimitz Choke Point 2  
  Northern Fleet mini-Campaign Seven missions for the Vepr, a Russian Akula sub. L.Robinson  
  October Revolution Mission based on the capture scene from the film "The Hunt for Red October".  XabbaRus  
  Quemoy Quarrel Provide cover for mixed US-Taiwanese supply convoy headed for Quemoy island, off the coast of the People's Republic of China. Oleg Mastruko  
  Rebel Yell Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN) Interdiction. Werewolf  
  Rough Necks Find a Chinese resupply oil rig and destroy the submarines there XabbaRus  
  Sakhalin Crisis Japanese and Russian tensions concerning Sakhalin Island reach breaking point XabbaRus  
  Soverzhenny BEWARE: This recon/intel mission requires A LOT of PATIENCE! It's your job to pick up where traditional methods of intelligence gathering leave off.  TimmyG  
  Sub Rescue Rescue the crew of a Russian sub.
  Te Kaha's Mission Pack Five fine missions with a 'down under' theme.  Te Kaha  
  This is for Real Transit the western GIUK gap and break out into the Atlantic Ocean. Werewolf  
  Thuled Out A Soviet sub emerges from under the ice cap to attack American military facilities on Greenland. Oleg Mastruko  
  TLAM's Mission Pack One Three missions by TLAM Strike. The Algerian Problem is along the same lines as an ASW example in Tom Clancy's Submarine. Need a Refund is about Russia selling 3 SSKs to terrorists. Finally, Crimson Tide is like the part of the movie Crimson Tide with the Akula. TLAM Strike  
  TMA Training A 46-page document plus a training scenario to teach Target Motion Analysis
Kennebec and TopTorp92