The Cental Operating Compartment is the third compartment aft and is also divided into two levels. The lower level is known as the Control Room, where practically all the controls for diving, surfacing, and controlling the ship are located. The Diving Stand, with "airplane" type controls, is located in the forward end of the compartment, providing "sticks" for control of the rudder, bow planes, and stern planes. On the opposite side of the room is the Radio Room where the ship's messages are sent and received. In the after end of the Control Room is the Forward Machinery Space, the Radar Room, and the Supply Office. The man in charge of Control is the Diving Officer. He receives his orders for course, depth and speed from the Officer of the Deck in the Attack Center directly above the Control Room. Located within the Attack Center is the major portion of the equipment necessary to efficiently fight the ship, such as sonar, fire control instrumentation, navigation equipment, and the periscopes, which are the "eyes" of the ship. The Officer of the Deck, charged with the execution of orders from the Commanding Officer, stands his watch at the periscope stand. The ship's administrative hub, the Ship's Office, is also located in the Attack Center. The Bridge is accessible from the Attack Center through the Bridge Trunk hatch in the forward end of the compartment.