This compartment is divided into two sections by a partial deck. The upper room is the Officers' Quarters, consisting of the Wardroom (where the officers eat, work, and relax), the pantry, and six staterooms. Below the Officers' Quarters is the Crew's Living area. The largest part of this area is the Crew's Dinette which provides mealtime seating for 36 men, and also serves as a recreation area for the crew between meals. In the forward part of the room is the Galley, where the food for the entire crew is prepared and served "family style." Two berthing compartments on the port side of the Crew's Dinette provide berthing facilities for the Chief Petty Officers and ten members of the crew. Forward and below the Galley is a storeroom for frozen goods, other perishables, and dry stores. In the middle of the compartment is another storeroom for repair parts and other items of equipment. Beneath the Crew's Dinette is the ship's battery which stores electrical power to be used as an auxiliary power source.